my first job as a makeup artist/stylist!

ok so I'd like to start out by saying that I wasn't really intending on doing makeup artistry - I love makeup, but I'm not proffesional. But when I was approached to work as a stylist for a fashion shoot doing clothing, it turned out that there was no makeup artist available so I offered my services. I was paid next to nothing and am mainly using the experience as a portfolio booster. That said, what do you all think of my little test-run as makeup/hair stylist? (note: the "real" pictures are still works in progress by the photographer - these are my personal pics!)

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Photoshoot! Send me your items, get proffesional photos back for FREE!

I was just hired on as a stylist and makeup artist for a photo shoot happening in the next 3 weeks (soon, I know!! But I'm excited!) I don't have enough clothes right now and there's a low budget for purchasing so I'm turning to you lovely talented designers to send me your creations!

Our photographer graduated with a degree in journalism and a focus on photo, and wants to build up his portfolio with a fashion shoot. He has insanely nice equipment, a bunch of gorgeous models, lighting assistants, a stylist (me!) and now we need stuff to photograph! I'm sure you can all imagine the ways professional photos can be used - advertisements, product descriptions, catalogs, anything and everything. On the internet, photos are the MOST important factor to attracting your customers!

Here are some photos from our photographer's portfolio . See more here:
and here!/pages/Bloomington-Ind/CPic-Photography/339377214272?ref=mf
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We will be shooting in an old stone cutting facility, basically a huge creepy old warehouse. We are looking for evening and day wear. Colors, style etc doesn't matter - we will be coordinating outfits from everything that we receive. We can't promise to use everything you send but we will do our best!

We are looking for clothing (all kinds, including lingerie or swimwear), accessories like purses, shoes, scarves, hats etc, and a little bit of jewelry.

Please contact me ASAP to get my address to send us your items. The deadline for sending items is MARCH 28th meaning your items need to be in the mail by MARCH 28th.

*IMPORTANT:* if you want your items returned to you, please include a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE including PAID POSTAGE for us to slip your items into. We will return all of your items (although donations are appreciated! ) and email you digital copies of the finished pictures.

Free tote bags, calendars, mugs, etc customizable gifts and promos

Vista Print is always low priced but right now they are having a special sale where most of their items are totally free! Of course, you have to pay for shipping, but I got a HUGE box of goodies last week for a total of $15. I got a calendar full of pictures of me to give to my boyfriend for Valentines Day (rofl, I know, right?), a tote bag with a product from my website on it, return address labels, a cute little desk calendar with my favorite pictures on it, magnets to advertise my site, and personal business cards to hand out in job interviews and such. FOR $15. According to checkout I saved $85. Woo!! Seriously, stock up on some gifts for everyone you know! You can upload any pictures you want.

The link I got is in a newsletter I receive

Custom Goodies and Promotional Items!

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1. New blog entry about my fashion design classes with some pics from my portfolio in progress!

2. Handbag Heaven. I want more money so I can buy like, EVERYTHING on this site. Check out the sexyness:

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Like, I die. This site is out of control. Ba .....nanas.

Also, they're having a GIVEAWAY!!! You can choose ANY purse on the site and if you win they give it to you for FREE. GAH. Today is the last day to enter so hurry: