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Omg! Lia?

Confessions of a Crafting Addict

7 January
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Funky & cute DIY accessories!

My shop specializes in cute, funky, and provoking items. Every purchase comes packaged with a *complimentary appreciation gift!*
I will do custom items. To contact me please feel free to convo me or email me at im.so.rad@gmail.com

I'm 18 years old and class of 2011 at Indiana University, studying business and apparel merchandising. I'm a feminist and an activist, and I try to incorporate these mentalities into my work. I refuse to use items of harm like gun charms or cigarette charms in my jewelry, and I never buy supplies from sweatshop laborer-produced markets or otherwise sketchy stores (so no to Wal Mart, yes to local and handmade!)

I am entirely against creating boring things. I love using colorful beads, yarns, and fabrics, and especially love stripes and polka dots! Even my hair is half pink.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky when I'm not at college in Indiana. I am open to custom orders and swaps, just contact me!

Myspace: http://myspace.com/omglia
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Website: Http://omglia.com
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